Humanity Ministry Directory

Ministry with Purpose

The Humanity Baptist Church is committed to building God’s Village, spiritually in the hearts and minds of men, women, and children and physically, in the revitalization of the surrounding Newark Community as well as throughout the world.

We build a community that represents God’s kingdom through our ministries, which incorporate all five core purposes of the church.

Ministry Contact eMail
  Administrative Assistant
  Jeanette Taylor
  Associate Minister
  Rev. Stan Howard
  Christian Education
  Nadia Washington
  Church Clerk
  Erdine Richards
  Community Service
  Rochelle Williams
  Communty Affiliates
  Tamara Brown
  Deacon Ministry
  Kelly Williams
  Ray Pearl Reynolds
  Dean of Music
  Anthony Bennett
  Education & Scholarship Rewards
  Martha Fitzpatrick
  Yvonne Walker
  Intercessory Prayer Ministry
  JW Brown Choir
  Ruth Roberts
  Men's Choir
  Tyrone White
  Mens Ministry
  Kelly Williams
  Martha Fitzpatrick
  Outreach & Evangelism
  Carol Dunnell
  Project Y2k Job Training
  Barbara Mitlon
  Silver Angels (65+)
  Peggy Cooper
  Social Justice/Action
  Dadisy Sanyoka
  Trustee Ministry
  Carol Gilliard
  James Hilton
  Willing Workers
  Debra Curry
  Womens Ministry
  Carol Gilliard
  Youth & Young People's Choir
  Cynthia Fitzpatrick
  Youth Leader
  Aysia Blake